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Instead of biting off anything out of the blue, resolve to tackle a few of these healthy eating choices this year. But, Wait a sec. Does that sound tacky? Is this feeling hitting your head, “Oh Lord! Do I have to give up on that favorite fried dough of mine, which was my savior while I didn’t have to cook myself?.”

Of course, you don’t have to paint things that scary than it is. Forgive yourself for thinking such overwhelming things. It happens with a foody who wants to shed extra fat and look stunning and healthy.

There are absolute ways of enjoying food the same way while sticking to a healthy eating resolution. Be meticulous with the food ingredients that you choose in the dish.

Did we say this?

Mongolian Food is what you need if you have some sort of healthy eating resolutions. Yes, of course, there’re continental foods, but Mongolian food is something that makes intelligent amalgamation of spices, veggies, and animal fat (chicken, beef).

The whole fact is sure and tested that a well designed Mongolian hot pot keeps you filing for a considerable part of the day, and it’s super tasty.

Read on for some of the smartest, easiest ways to make every day healthier—and tastier, with Mongolian Food.

Here are five healthy eating resolutions that you need to swear by.

Resolution 1. Eat More Omega-3s
Solution: Try out seafood.

We can understand that your goal is to give good protein, fat, and fewer carbs. What could be a better choice than seafood, apart from animal fat, to get protein?

Researches have proved the importance of Omega-3s in weight loss regimes.

That is why we got you Medium Spicy Mongolian Protein package: Scallops, Crab, Mussels, PudsNoodle.

Choose among them and make your bowl.

Resolution 3. Surge Your Fiber Intake
Solution: Go for a variety of whole grains.

One of the easiest ways to give a thrust to your fiber intake is to eat more whole grains. Sesame seeds, mushrooms, sweet corn are all quick-cooking options.

Resolution 2. Grab More Veggies
Solution: Avoid oil fry and go for a roasting pan.

If you’re of the mindset that “vegetables don’t taste good,” how about getting them roasted on the pan. That way you get the best experience with veggies, and you don’t have to make a big nose if told to grab more of them in the Mongolian hot pot.

At the Mongolian grill, we have readymade dishes such as Vegan stir-fry, pineapple beef, Veggie mongo, and Thai peanut curry that make use of the veggies effectively.

Resolution 4. See alternative to Meat sometimes
Solution: Learn to cook tofu in various combinations

While meat in the form of chicken and beef is a good source of protein, people should try something more or less equivalent to a change. When you add the meat with soy, you are eating good fats and protein, and that what your body needs.

Resolution 5. Combat Your Sugar Addiction
Solution: Use sugar-free or brown sugar

Over the top, people are obsessive about eating sugar. That makes up around 400 calories-or 20 teaspoons of added sugars a day. That’s a horrible figure. Luckily, some alternatives can still satisfy your sweet taste buds. Consider consuming brown sugar instead.  Mongolian food invokes the salty and spicy taste buds, with minimal and healthy sweetness

Want to remain fit?

It sounds like good news for the food lover on a healthy regime or weight loss journey. You are getting simply delicious eateries at the Mongolian grill. Besides, we have exciting offers for you to keep you hooked with our food. All you need is to become a Club Mongo Member.

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