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Mongolian food

Mongolian cuisine might not be the most appealing dish to your eye or taste buds because the food at Mongolia is more of a necessity than an art. Mongolian food is predominantly affected by the barren plains and nomadic lifestyle. They always look for healthier options. ‘Meat is for man, the grass is for animal’ is a popular saying at Mongolia which describes the humongous use of meat in their food.  Meat and dairy products dominate the Mongolian cuisine. The use of vegetables is very minimal. The meat of lamb, beef, yak, horse and camel are consumed. The choice of food is highly influenced by their nomadic lifestyle and helps them survive in the harsh steppes. Vegetarians will no doubt, have a tough time here.

Mongolian food has drawn inspiration from Russian, Chinese and other Central Asian countries. According to Cathy Ang, Mongolians refer to dairy products as white food that comes from cows reindeers, camels, horses, sheep and goats. Red food is meat or animal flesh.

Five snouts

Mongolian cuisine revolves around 5 animals. These are commonly referred to as snouts.

The five snouts consist of the horse, camel, goat, sheep and yak. These five form the backbone of the Mongolian lifestyle. These animals are used for agriculture and cuisine. These animals form a strong base in their traditional beliefs and lifestyle as a whole. For instance, horse riding is considered as important as walking in some of the nomadic tribes. Yak’s milk is widely used and yak cheese is used as a base for curd and soups.

Khorkhog Mongolian Barbeque

Mongolian Barbeque locally recognized as ‘Khorkhog’ is consumed commonly across the land. It is cooked in a very unique way by mutton being their favorite constitutes as the main ingredient of this dish. It is cooked in a traditional Mongolian hot pot with burning rocks over direct fire. Vegetables are added to make a stew and it is left cook for hours. Every element adds a unique flavor to the dish.

Mongolian Village West offers you the authentic taste of Mongolian cuisine. From Mongolian buffet to Mongolian grills, you name it and they have it all. They also let you make your bowl, which means you can combine the ingredients of your choice. They employ modern techniques but also have preserved the traditional Mongolian wok style cooking. 


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