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What Is Halal Food in Ottawa

In today’s multicultural landscape, restaurants must understand different dietary practices. Diners have many different dietary choices or requirements including vegan, vegetarian, keto, kosher, and halal. Although halal can often mean Middle Eastern food, it’s more common usage refers to food that is permissible under Islamic law. There are some minor differences in how halal food is defined, but it typically refers to food that has been processed, made, produced, or manufactured using equipment and machinery that has been cleansed under Islamic law. Halal restaurants in Ottawa offer a great selection of ingredients that meet dietary requirements.

How Mongolian Grill in Ottawa Gives You Control Over Your Meal

Our make your own bowl concept lets you choose what goes on your plate. Your preferences are what’s important to us. Here’s how it works:

Choose from a variety of fresh ingredients

Start with noodles. We have quite a few different kinds: udon, spinach, chow mein or Shanghai noodles. You can even choose rice. Next, add your proteins. We have halal meat, beef and chicken, as well as many seafood options that give you variety for your meal. Load up on veggies. We prepare vegetables for a stir-fry dinner. You’ll find mushrooms, broccoli, peppers, mixed beans, carrots, and many more to get in the vitamins and antioxidants you need to stay healthy.

Choose your sauce.

We hand-make all the sauces you find on our Mongolian buffet. We use authentic spices and fresh herbs to create savoury and mouth-watering sauces that go with your proteins and vegetables for a delicious meal.

Watch our chef cook your meal.

After you build your own bowl with fresh ingredients, hand it over to the chefs at our 600-degree, 7-foot grill that cooks everything quickly. When it’s finished cooking, the chef scoops it into a bowl and hands it to you. You sit down and enjoy it with your friends and family.

When you’re craving a bowl of tasty food but don’t feel like cooking, Mongolian Grill in Ottawa serves up what you want. Check out our dine-in menu and make a dinner reservation.

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