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Mongolian Village West November Thumbnail What Is The Difference Between Vegan And Vegetarian In Ottawa

Finding a restaurant that meets the dietary needs of many people can be difficult. You may have guests who can’t eat dairy products or who are on a keto diet. With more and more individuals preferring to regularly adopt plant-based diets, you may be eating with vegetarians or vegans. Looking for vegetarian restaurants in Ottawa? The Mongolian Village Grill West can meet the demands of many different diets.  

Here’s what to know about vegan and vegetarian diets.  

What Do Vegans Eat?  

The vegan diet consists of plant-based foods only. Vegans do not eat any animal product or by-product, such as eggs, dairy, or honey. Many vegans have a lifestyle that extends beyond consumption of food products and do not use anything made from leather, fur, or wool. When dining out, it can be difficult to find vegan restaurants in Ottawa, because animal products are so common in most recipes. Mongolian Village features vegan food that vegans can be assured is made to their needs. You make your own bowl from the buffet of fresh ingredients and then watch our chef cook it on the grill.  

How Is Vegetarianism Different?  

The vegetarian diet is a little different from the vegan diet. Vegetarians usually don’t eat any meat, poultry, or fish, but they may eat eggs and dairy. A lacto-vegetarian consumes milk, but not eggs. An ovo-vegetarian consumes eggs, but not dairy products. Some vegetarians do eat fish or poultry. The main thing to know about a vegetarian diet is that it relies on plant-based foods, but each person may take a different stance on using animal products as ingredients in their vegetarian meals.  

Ottawa Restaurants with Great Food for All Types of Diets  

Being a good host means that you try to accommodate the needs of your guests. The Mongolian Village Grill West is the place to bring your family and friends for great Mongolian grill and BBQ food in Ottawa without worrying about meeting their dietary restrictions. Our buffet includes a wide variety of fresh ingredients, with a huge selection of vegetables and noodles, that will satisfy everyone in your party. Make a reservation tonight for a nice meal.  


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