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Mongolian Village Grill West Ottawa

Fresh & Delicious Food

$5.95 Drinks Special

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Fresh & Delicious BBQ Grill in Ottawa’s West End

 Stir fry restaurant -Complimentary Soup, Salads, Tortillas, Steamed Rice included with all bowls!!!

Only $3.69 / 100 gram or fixed price All you can load bowl starts at $24.99 . For more info give us a call at (613) 596 -4366.

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                                                        Grab your bowl

Small or large, you can fill it with all the ingredients you want at just one price. It’s that easy at a Mongolian BBQ grill.



Load up on freshly delivered, protein, daily cut veggies and tasty noodles or rice to create your ideal bowl. Top it with Asian-inspired sauces for extra flavour.

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Hot, sweet or anywhere in between, invent your blend, or use one of our go-to recipes. All sauces are labeled and marked as mild, medium or hot.

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Grill Grill Grill

Our friendly chefs sear your ingredients with a nutritious, flavourful stir-fry recipe.

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Savor the Flavor

Enjoy your custom, healthy stir-fry while thinking up your next unique combination.

Chef’s Philosophy

Our chef believes in giving you a uniquely memorable dining experience at our BBQ grill restaurant. An experience where you will seize the moment and relish every bite of your food. We provide fresh ingredients and recipe ideas, but you build the bowl you want to eat. He wants to give you all the authentic flavours that will tickle your taste buds.

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Get the Experience of a Lifetime at Mongolian Village Grill
Special offers for Club Mongo members

The Mongolian Village Grill is leading the industry in Loyalty Rewards. We like to gift our loyal customers a gift card which they can claim any time. Plus, you’ll find discounts and specials through the week to enjoy our Mongolian grill restaurant any time.



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